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Mystical Lake

Counsellor & Psychotherapist in Blessington, Co Wicklow.

Welcome to my website. I'm David, a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist working in Blessington, Co.Wicklow.  I offer a counselling service which aims to help people who are suffering from unhappiness resulting from the many challenges that life throws at us.  For some, their emotional pain is caused by current life issues which have thrown their mental well-being out of balance leaving them feeling overwhelmed, depressed, frightened or unable to cope. For others, it may be due to an underlying sense of sadness, fear or anger rooted in past life experiences. I work with individuals who are experiencing distress due to issues such as:


  •  Relationship Difficulties

  •  Low Self-Esteem

  •  Depression

  •  Bereavement, Grief And Loss

  •  Stress

  •  Illness

  •  Anxiety

  •  Isolation

  •  Alcohol abuse Or Drug Dependency,

  •  Work Related Issues

  •  Loss Of Meaning In Life.


Sometimes too, people can feel a sense of unhappiness but are confused or unaware as to the reason why they feel this way. My therapeutic approach aims to explore and address the underlying cause of such feelings.


Feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope or feeling stuck and unsure as to how to move forward, the sense of losing control can be frightening and debilitating. At these times, it can seem that there is no way through, or for some that life has lost its meaning.  Through exploring your issues and thoughts and feelings and getting to know the real you, I can work with you in gaining new insights to help you to find a new way forward.  Ultimately, the goal is to help you to live your life in a more satisfying way, to restore hope and to help you to feel better able to cope with life’s adversities.


Counselling can help you to find a happier, more fulfilling way of living with a new sense of purpose and a greater sense of self. For many people, being listened to and being really heard and understood properly for the first time can be a hugely therapeutic and rewarding experience. The counselling process creates a safe and confidential therapeutic space where I work with you to explore and understand the meaning of your painful emotions and thought processes and help you to find release from suffering and recurring unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour.

My Approach

I work with a humanistic and integrative approach which means that therapy is focused on understanding each person's unique inner world with the belief also that individuals have within themselves their own adequate resources for healing.  I use a range of counselling theories and styles in working with you that will best suit your needs in working with you to remove the blocks that prevent you from finding your own sense of peace and happiness.

Face to Face therapy -  or Remote online therapy options

My counselling private practice from my home offers a comfortable setting where I can work with you at a weekly time to suit your schedule. Alternatively, I also offer the option of remote or online counselling either by telephone or tele/video call sessions where you can speak to me from your own home or location. For some people where travel presents difficulties or for those who may prefer to talk from the comfort of their own setting, this provides a valuable option for therapy.

To ask questions or to make an appointment

Please feel free to contact me by phone on – 087 2726205 - or e-mail me at to ask any questions or to discuss if you would like to make an appointment to see me for an initial consultation session.  In this way you can decide if you feel comfortable to continue to work with me without any obligation on your part.

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